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#12937 LCD question

Posted by Traveling Tech Guy on 08 May 2011 - 02:18 AM

Just got this 16x2 HD44780 controller from Hacktronics. After reading for a while, and realizing that using just the specified the Arduino wiring is not enough, I landed on Pete Brown's blog post.

I followed his instructions (almost) to the letter:
  • I soldered the head pins into place (been a while - man, I'm rusty)
  • I checked the continuity of my 16 pins
  • I connected all pins as specified in the post, using a mini breadboard, with the exception of Pin 3.
    I do not have a potentiometer, so I just connected that pin to GND
    Attached File  lcdPins.png   20.82KB   61 downloads
  • I downloaded the library from Codeplex
  • I added the sample code specified in the article
    public static void Main()
        var lcdProvider = new GpioLcdTransferProvider(
            Pins.GPIO_PIN_D12,  // RS
            Pins.GPIO_NONE,     // RW
            Pins.GPIO_PIN_D11,  // enable
            Pins.GPIO_PIN_D9,   // d0
            Pins.GPIO_PIN_D8,   // d1
            Pins.GPIO_PIN_D7,   // d2
            Pins.GPIO_PIN_D6,   // d3
            Pins.GPIO_PIN_D5,   // d4
            Pins.GPIO_PIN_D4,   // d5
            Pins.GPIO_PIN_D3,   // d6
            Pins.GPIO_PIN_D2);  // d7
        // create the LCD interface
        var lcd = new Lcd(lcdProvider);
        // set up the number of columns and rows: 
        lcd.Begin(16, 2);
        // Print a message to the LCD.
        lcd.Write("hello, world!");
        while (true)
            // set the cursor to column 0, line 1
            lcd.SetCursorPosition(0, 1);
            // print the number of seconds since reset:
            lcd.Write((Utility.GetMachineTime().Ticks / 10000).ToString());

What I got is an LCD in the "on" state showing one line of blocks and nothing I try get it to show anything.
Attached File  lcd.png   1.65MB   61 downloads
From this I deduce I must have been doing something right, to get the controller powered, but I must be missing something as well.

My only guesses are:
  • I screwed something up while soldering (although then I'd expect this to not work at all)
  • The potentiometer is a must for Pin 3 - skipping it might have done something
  • The list of connections Pete specified is not correct for my board/controller (I have an N+)

Any ideas of what am I doing wrong/missing?


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