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Run netduino on Custom Mainboard

28 September 2012 - 06:43 AM

First of i want to say, i really enjoy the netduino products (own the standard netduino and the netduino+). I've started working on a project. As it was quite a long time since my school years where i learned electronics i mainly strive to reconnect to the knowledge i had once and to do some cool stuff off course ;) Netduino is cool and perfect for my prototyping, but i don't want to lose one of my boards to a product. So i thought if you where to study the schematics and replicate the important stuff as voltage regulators/crystal/usb etc. and depending on what needs you have for your project swap out the microcontroller for another one with more uart/usart/gpio. I have been looking on the schematics for Netduino!Go mostly and where !Go uses the STM32F405 (LQFP64) i thought about the STM32F407 (LQFP100) wich has more gpio (and ethernet controller) but otherwise pretty much the same. I Thought of using the Netduino mini to but i don't think there is enough gpio/uart's for my project. Would it be possible to flash this with a Netduino firmware and get it to work just like a netduino. Is there any problems i might encounter by doing this, wich i might not have thought of ?

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