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Libraries, Drivers and Shields

04 August 2010 - 02:42 PM

I've started a project using teensy++ (Arduino clone) and as a full time C# architect, I'm very interested in migrating to netdunio. I realize this is a new product, so I'm trying to be patient, but I don't see the things I need to do so. First and foremost, there are libraries upon libraries in the Arduino community for stuff like switch debouncing, multiplexing, stepper/motor, servo control, etc. Do things like that exist already for the netduino? Second, there are shields for just about everything under the sun. Specifically, I'd like a zigbee, wifi, or plain ethernet shield for this thing. I've read on the website that it supports them, but drivers are needed... so we're back to my first point: where are the drivers? what about the 4.1 micro framework? Can I do some more advanced stuff like WCF services, threadpools, etc? Lastly, one thing that I really like about the arduino is that I don't need an ardiuno. I bought a teensy++ because (at the time) it had the most IO ports available. It's a tiny, non-standard form factor, but I have all the pins I need on one board. So my question is, is this also opensource hardware? Are there any other companies building boards? This is very exciting news to me (courtesy of Make) and I can't wait to pick one of these up. fc

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