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Ahmed Atlam

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In Topic: Serial port / Project Help

12 November 2012 - 04:52 AM

Hey guys ! As long as we are talking about serial interface, I am having a strange problem with my netduino + I am using serial to send data back and forth from a PC (very standard), using sparkfuns FTDI board. The netduino can receive data no problem (test was to turn on/off the on board LED on command) however it cannot send any data to the PC. I am sure I have the wiring right, I am sure I have the Jumper on the FTDI board set to 3.3 V (even measured voltage with meter). I was so frustrated that I had the netduino send data on interrupt from SW and scoped Tx ( on COM1 thats D1) ... There was nothing on the scope ... D1 is dead !! It works fine as an Inputport/OutputPort/InterruptPort but no serial. (same case for COM2 ie: D3) Am I missing something ? Do I need to enable something ? Please advise ANY help is appreciated !!! Even if its a confirmation that my Netduino+ is broken and needs to be replaced, I am going nuts here !!! Thanks alot !!! Ahmed

In Topic: High Resolution Quad Encoder Problem

27 September 2012 - 05:03 AM

My interest is in learning how to design and write VHDL code. There are many quadrature encoder routines available for download on the web, but grabbing code which someone else has written does not teach you very much.

Well, I understand the concept and I dont have a problem writing the code for say a 2.4GHz processor x86 with a 4 GBs of ram sampling time of around 1e-6 second easily, the problem I had over here was using this high resolution encoder with a netduino thats all. Just to put things in perspective, if the shaft is rotating at 3 revs/second (180 rpm which is not much )thats 1200*3 = 3600 interrupts/second. I just need help on generating an efficient enough code for the netduino to be able to handle all that along side of some computation thats all. Like I said I am just not used to micro-framework.

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