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Debug Shieldbase

14 October 2012 - 05:50 AM

Am I understanding correctly that I can use pins d0,d1 on the shieldbase to debug the shieldbase and run custom firmware on it? If so in trying this several times I get no response but am having a hard time telling if it's something I'm doing or the cable I have doesn't work.

Evaluating the NGo

12 October 2012 - 04:03 AM

Before I start, I'm evaluating the NGo for use in a product that I'm starting to prototype so this is going to be a fairly long post. I'm under some pressure to get this moving quickly and don't want to waste time using it if I won't be able to finish it in the time I have. I have played with the NGo and the shieldbase and have to say I'd really like to be able to use it. The questions I have are. 1. I see that the shieldbase now supports spi which is one of the things I needed; now all I really need still from the shieldbase is to be able to use more than one. Is it possible to get an idea of when it might be moved over? 2. Next is when are the SD and Ethernet modules expected to be available 3. The last thing worth of hardware is probably the biggest need which is the Hub. I see that it's supposed to be with GoBus 2.0? Somewhere I believe I saw that it's estimated at early next year? Is there any way to get one early maybe? (I'd be willing to help test it alongside building this) I also so in another thread someone asking about increased RAM and mention of making a higher end NGO mainboard if demand was there. I'd be willing to look into that as I might be pushing the limits of the mainboard for this project but that’s not as big of a priority for me at the moment. The other thing I would like to know isn’t about hardware. I see from the shieldbase update that basically what’s happening if I understand this correctly is when you run that project its putting a program on the board that takes with it the resources that are the flash files it needs to update the shieldbase. When you hit the button it then updates a shieldbase attached to port 5. In looking at it you can update it on any port by telling it which one it’s connected to? Will you be able to do something similar to update a module attached to the hub either by basically loading an app on the mainboard that flashes the hub that then flashes the module then after the modules are updated it then flashes the hub back with its firmware to run or will the hub just pass through whatever runs on the mainboard to flash the module. Is it also possible to automate updating the mainboard basically so you can have one program to loop over all the modules including those attached to the hubs and update them then all in some sequence that ends with all modules updated, the hubs updated and the mainboard updated. I understand that you can update program on the mainboard with MFDeployEngine but can you automate updating the firmware. Sorry for the long post. Hopefully I will be able to use the NGo for this. I look forward to any help I can get and thank you in advance!

Starting place for Netduin Go Module

19 September 2012 - 09:41 PM

Hello, recently I got a Netduino Go and also the shield base. One of the projects I would like to try to do is remake a project I did a while back with 4 arduinos communicating over rs485 (No currently I cannot tell you what this is for, but I do plan to open source the design if I can get it to work). Basically it's a master that just tells the other 3 to do certain things. I would like to remake that with the netduino go by making a module to take the place of the 3 slaves. The slaves need to have a minimum of 12 preferably more like 20 (room for expansion) digital io pins and at least 6 preferably more like 12 analog inputs. The modules themselves will probably need to run a fair bit of logic on their own and just receive commands from the main board and sometimes respond. Would this be something where I just adapt the shieldbase to do what I want? The problem I see with adapting the shield base is that it takes up a whole bus if I'm not mistaken and I need a minimum of 3 of these but would again like to be able to connect more. The next part to that is, is it possible to connect more than 8 modules to the main board. I have a basic understanding of the boards, not so much about how the processor works or how to design the circuit for it. I would prefer to use the netduino go as C# has been my primary language for around 5 years and I like its setup. Is it possible to get a starting point for the circuit and software for it from somewhere? I have a basic understanding of the electronics side of this, but the programming side I should have no problem with other than a starting point and how to get it on the board.

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