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Piotr Szmyd

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Shield Base - PWM on PIN_10 not working?

28 December 2012 - 02:20 AM



Have anyone tried to run two separate servos using Shield Base PWM_PIN_D9 and PWM_PIN_D10? I can't get mine to work (either using the Adafruit Motor Shield or connecting directly to the Shield Base). Running beta 4 firmware on the 'upgraded' SB version.


Every other combination with 2 PWM channels works flawlessly - only that PWM_PIN_D10 (channel 3, iirc) does not seem to work in any case. 

Read all topics on that I could find here and started losing hope to get that stuff working :(


Code is nothing fancy:

Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM servo1 = new Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM(shieldBase.PWMChannels.PWM_PIN_D9, 20000, 1500, Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM.ScaleFactor.Microseconds, false);Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM servo2 = new Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM(shieldBase.PWMChannels.PWM_PIN_D10, 20000, 1500, Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM.ScaleFactor.Microseconds, false);



with changing duration at timer ticks, based on potentiometer value (same for both servos).

Tried running it in a single thread and in two separate threads - no difference.


Any clues?





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