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In Topic: Wiegand protocol for EM4100 Rfid reader

24 October 2010 - 11:08 PM

I've made some test with a proximity card: 1) I've read with a usb Rfid reader, so i have this "0004959302" 2) I've read with the Rfid (EM4100) reader plugged in Rsr232 of my pc, and i obtain "2F004BAC46" 3) I've read with the Rfid (EM4100) reader and netduino and i have this array of byte 63, 51, 46, 198, 198, 25, 47, 95, 94, 25, 50, 121, 61, 126 The data structure should be this: STX (02 HEX) DATA (10 HEX) CR LF ETX (03 HEX) But I don't understand how can read card number (0004959302) from this byte array.

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