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Christopher Clark

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Running Arduino Sketches on the Netduino

07 October 2012 - 02:49 AM

This may sound crazy. But my understanding is the pins on the Arduino and Netduino are the same. From the Arduino code I have seen, it seems pretty straight forward. It should be possible to build a Arduino compatible PC application that takes Arduino sketches and turns them into similar .NET code, correct? Maybe something like a visual studio plugin? Wouldn't this expose Netduino to a larger audience? Or is this just a silly idea?

SeeedStudio SD card shield

21 September 2012 - 04:27 PM

Newbie Alert!!! I am aware Secret Labs has a SD module coming out for Netduino Go, but I am an impatient guy :) I was in radio shack today, and was just about to buy the SeeedStudio SD card shield for Arduino. But I couldn't find a SD card 2GB in the store. Figured I would ask the forum to make sure it was compatible with my Netduino Go Shield Base, and how I would access it with software. SeeedStudio SD card shield http://www.seeedstud....html?cPath=109 My questions: Will this shield work with my Netduino Go using the Shield Base plugged into Socket 5, with nothing else on sockets 6-8? Would I be able to use the built in SD support in Netduino via System.IO classes to access this SD card? Is it still true I would be limited to 2GB SD cards? What's the maximum size SDHC card I could use? What's the maximum size micro SD card I could use, also 2GB? The SeeedStudio SD shield has 2 Grove ports, will I be able to use Grove modules if I add this card? Is there existing C# classes for doing this in the wild? If you have other SD card access recommendations via Gadgeteer modules, shields, etc... I would be interested in hearing about them. Thanks in advance.

Netduino Go Socket Pins as GPIO

14 September 2012 - 12:34 PM

Newbie Question

So I purchased a LED7R from GHI to try with my NetDuino Go, and I have had some success, but some issues.

I found this other post on the forums for using Netduino Go socket pins for IO pins, which is what I think I need to do. But I don't understand the answer given.

Regarding references to pins...if you take a look at the Netduino Go schematic, you can see which MCU pins go to which socket pins. PA0-PA15 can be referenced as (Cpu.Pin)0x00 through (Cpu.Pin)0x0F. PB0-PB15 can be referenced as (Cpu.Pin)0x10 through (Cpu.Pin)0x1F, and the pattern continues through the PC## pins, PD## pins, etc. (i.e. each port letter takes up 16 pin #s and they're all sequential).

If I read this correctly, I should be able to access all pins on the sockets. But I can't figure out the pin numbers, using the hex values doesn't compute to what I see working below.

I am using my LED7R on Netduino Go Socket 4.

I am able to turn on and off a couple of the LEDs, but I cannot figure out the other pins for the socket.

Based on the code in GoHub.cs method GetSocketPhysicalResources

case 4: // socket 4
gpio = (Cpu.Pin)0x23; //Pins.GPIO_PIN_C_3;
spi_mod = SPI.SPI_module.SPI1;
spi_cs = (Cpu.Pin)0x08; //Pins.GPIO_PIN_A_8;
led = (Cpu.Pin)0x19; //Pins.GPIO_PIN_B_9;

gpio (Cpu.Pin)0x23 maps to pin 3 so I am able to turn on D1 on the LED7R
spi_cs (Cpu.Pin)0x08 maps to pin 6 so I am able to turn on D4 on the LED7R

My first question, is that I can't understand the NetDuino Go Schematic pins. If I look at the schematic, I see that socket 4, pin 3, is GPIO_SOCKET4. Looking at the chip in the middle, GPI_SOCKET4 goes to PC3 pin 11. Well that is obviously not correct, as I am able to use (Cpu.Pin) 0x23 for GPIO on socket 4, and 0x23 is not 11. Can someone help me to understand how to read the pins from the schematic?

My question is, how do I directly address the other pins on socket 4?

Socket 4
Pin 3 GPIO_SOCKET4 which is (Cpu.Pin) 0x23
Pin 4 USART2_TX which is ???
Pin 5 USART2_RX which is ???
Pin 6 SPI_CS_SOCKET4 which is (Cpu.Pin) 0x08
Pin 7 SPI1_MOSI which is ???
Pin 8 SPI1_MISO which is ???
Pin 9 SPI1_SCK which is ???

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