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05 September 2012 - 10:47 PM

First, I would like to start off in saying that I do have some experience with embedded development. Some knowledge of electronics, but I am not an electronics engineer by any stretch of the imagination. However, I plan on improving on the latter. Have been programming in one language or another since around 93 (as a hobbyist ). Very familiar with the standard .NET framework / BCL. Anyway, the first question I have is which MF SDK to install. 4.2 or 4.1 ? This is not very clear from the main pages I have seen so far. From what I can gather from reading through the information provided in the above links seems to indicate it really depends on which version of the NETDuino that I use. However, based on experiences with the standard .NET framework. This does not make sense to me. I do not have hardware yet, but it is my understanding that I should be able to simulate the hardware from within Visual C# express ? Again, not clear on this point, but I did a lot of reading last night, but perhaps not enough. Which leads me to my first comment. What is available, in hardware is not made plain under the hardware link at the top of these pages. Schematics / hardware layout perhaps, but not very clear at a glance. Where are the links for the NETDuino Go, plus, mini, etc ? A picture or two, plus a detailed hardware explanation as what is done for what I can only assume is the "standard" NETduino platform ( ? ) would be nice. Also, the captcha implementation used for registration is . . . well let me just say that it took me 4-5 tries to register successfully. Glad it is over lol. With all the above said. It is not my intention so belittle this project, or those who took their time to make it happen. Quite the contrary actually. I am hoping that my comments will be taken as constructive criticism, and acted on accordingly. This project is actually exactly what I was looking for a couple years ago when I ran across the .NET FEZ on SparkFun's ( I think ) web pages.

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