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Michael Schwarz

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#4578 MFToolkit - new release (VS2010 support / .NET MF 4.1)

Posted by Michael Schwarz on 07 November 2010 - 11:20 AM

Hi, well, I never had the time to write a documentation or summary. Following main features are available: 1) Multi-threaded http server with support for cookies and form values 2) DNS client to read A, MX, TXT,... records 3) Helper functions to work with bytes: ByteWriter, ByteReader used to implement all the protocols i.e. for DNS; BitHelper;... 4) NTP client (in .NET MF replaced by TimeService) 5) C6820, GM862, uALFAT drivers 6) XBee support: AT and API mode 7) Mail, POP3, SMTP support not yet compatible to .NET MF 8) several helper methods in MicroUtilities Regards, Michael

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