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In Topic: MIX11

19 April 2011 - 02:34 AM

Hi entropi (and others attending MIX11),

Please stop and say hi!


Ha ... I was at NAB at the same time, I didn't know about MIX until after the fact.
Maybe some other time Chris.
Any videos of whatever you did there?

In Topic: Simple multi-threaded web server

19 April 2011 - 02:26 AM

Jasper, I haven't tried your server yet -I don't have my N+ available now- but I see you use a single thread in your webserver. I've seen a few other webservers in the Netduino forums and while they are threaded, they can't handle many repeated requests. I really wish I has the time to attempt to code a webserver that spans new listener threads as more requests come in, but right now my focus is in other areas, so I'm just keeping an eye in the projects forum and webservers are always an interesting topic. The problem is that these small webservers can handle gracefully as long as you don't abuse them. Once you start submitting requests quickly, they choke and exception out with socket exceptions. So this is really intended to be just a suggestion or a future improvement idea, nothing else. Thanks for the contribution.

In Topic: Updated web server

04 April 2011 - 02:27 PM

I did try your webserver and I did notice that trying a request while another is still serving, will throw a socket exception and crash it.
See this post for more details. I think it's because the webserver is single threaded. It's true that there's a single core, but remember, any real webserver is threaded or able to handle many requests at once. And most useful applications have to make use of threading in order to provide a smooth user experience.

So if you make improvements I would encourage threading your webserver.
If you have time and want to get fancy, see Quiche31's implementation http for ideas. I think it's rather SLOW compared to yours, but he handles the request a bit more gracefully.

In Topic: Problem(s) compiling NetduinoPlus firmware with GCC

04 April 2011 - 02:14 PM

Mario, I had the same problem with GCC. I wanted to add a firmware feature to the N+ code, and after lots of frustration with making it even compile, I realized that I had to build with tcpip_stack=lwip to be able to use the ethernet. That ended in disappointment because the binaries produced by GCC were now way over the capacity, so I went ahead and tried what you did, strip the Ferrari's engine, brakes, suspension and gearbox, hoping it will work. I was too optimistic. Conclusion: GCC might work, but I lost my patience. The real issue is that currently the 512Kb of flash is by all means a BIG flash, but when you're trying to run .NET in a nutshell on that 512kb, you can't expect much. So a bigger flash would be the first improvement that would make a difference for those who want to hack. Right now the stock N+ firmware enables 64kb of free space, which is GOOD. But it's really pushing the limits when it comes to adding new features to N+, so unless Secret Labs will revision with a new CPU with more flash/RAM, I think they'll run out of flash pretty soon, even using RVDS. Let's keep the fingers X-ed for that to happen sooner ;-)

In Topic: Pachube client for NetduinoPlus

24 March 2011 - 01:55 AM


Nice job with the HTTP lib, however the webserver chokes if I refresh the repeatedly (ie refresh before a response is fully received), see attached for the exception.
Any ideas how that could be solved?

I saw you define a backlog of 10 when you new up the HttpSocketImpl:
but maybe that doesn't help?

I think you based your listener on Fred's nonblocking webserver (http://forums.netdui...ted-web-server/), which by the way has the same issue.
I haven't tried any changes to your code but what if the webserver was threaded?

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