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In Topic: problem starting with microsoft visual studio

11 November 2012 - 09:12 AM

Hi plakias,

Can you try uninstalling and then reinstalling the NETMF 4.2 and Netduino SDKs?

The error seems to indicate that Visual Basic doesn't understand the NETMF project type.


Hello Chris,

I uninstalled and reinstalled the NETMF 4.2.
Started C# visual studio 2010. Project loads ok.
Started vb visual studio 2010. The project loads ok.

Reinstalling .NET framework SDK 4.2 did the trick.

Thank you!

ps: It was not my intention to hijack this topic.

In Topic: problem starting with microsoft visual studio

10 November 2012 - 07:45 PM

good day, sorry i come back late with the response, i am still experiencing the same problem of opening a new project visual studio professional 2010(c#). could you please help me in this situations.thank you in advance

I have today the same problem with visual basic 2010 express.
First of all I started with c# in visual studio 2010 express. This is working fine.
To test a visual basic solution I installed the basic version, updated to SP1 and getting the same error: the project type is not supported by this installation.

Then I tried to create a project with netduino plus template, other error and same problem: the project file cannot be created.
Creating a windows forms project, no problem at all.
I use the .NET SDK 4.2 (QFE2) micro framework on a windows xp home computer.

In Topic: Introducing Netduino Plus 2

08 November 2012 - 08:41 PM

The only reaseon for upgrading to N+2 is when the new one has a 'remote' update feature. Deploying with an usb is not very user friendly. Good for prototyping but not for deployment in the field. Speed and memory is in many situations not the issue. Plug-in and work, autoupdate, hardware watchdog etc.

In Topic: Watchdog redeux: Available in 4.2?

19 August 2012 - 09:10 PM

Make your LED flash, so if the network hangs, but the LED continues flashing, your code is still executing.

If your main runs in a loop, just add:

//Outside loop:
private static OutputPort LED = new OutputPort(Pins.ONBOARD_LED, true);

//Inside loop:

or if you just have a Thread.Sleep(Timeout.Infinite); then add:
private static OutputPort LED = new OutputPort(Pins.ONBOARD_LED, true);
Timer flashLED = new Timer(new TimerCallback((object data) =>
}), null, 1000, 1000);

Note: code typed without compiler, so excuse any mistakes :mellow:
Edit: added sleep to main loop code, otherwise there would be no flash!

And if you are able to read the led with some hardware you know the program is still running and if the led is not blinking the hardware can reset the board (this is a strange watchdog but in this case it can help)

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