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Netduino does not work when powered by Mac Mini USB

08 August 2012 - 09:34 PM

I have been developing my Netduino application on a Windows desktop machine - but my deployment scenario is going to involve powering the board from a Mac Mini USB port (currently a Mac Mini 2012 model). What I have discovered, is that if I plug my netduino into a Mac Mini USB port, the on-board LED lights up, but stays on - and my program never loads. If, I plug it into my PC, or a wall-wart USB power supply, the on-board LED lights up for a few seconds, then goes out as my program loads into memory, and everything works. Why does my Netduino not run correctly when powered by Mac Mini?? Thanks

OSX + Mono + Netduino USB COM port

29 July 2012 - 10:31 PM

I am putting together a Netduino device, which I want to connect to my mac mini, and control it from the mac using Mono. So, the parts involved are 1. Netduino (of course) 2. OSX 3. USB Host <-> USB Netduino 4. serial COM port over USB I have never done this before, and I have been reading about difficulty getting this sort of thing to work in Windows, so I am wondering if this is even possible on a Mac? My main concern, is that when I switch the Netduino to do debugging over RS-232 (leaving the USB free for data), this requires a HID driver on the host operating system that will support virtual COM ports? Is this correct? My concern is that this driver might not be available on OSX - I have no idea, but I thought I would ask the question - this is probably really obvious to somebody here. To help my understanding, can someone point me to a link explaining what actually happens when configuring a Netduino to use the USB for data transfer? I am expecting something like this: 1. Netduino is toggled to start up USB HID Virtual COM port driver on firmware reboot - hopefully you have connected RS-232 pins to PC so you can still debug the device... 2. Connect Netduino USB to PC - this powers on the netduino and boots it, which starts the HID driver firmware. PC now detects the Netduino as an HID device 3. PC queries Netduino for HID capabilities, Netduino responds with 'Virtual COM port' 4. PC pops up the obligatory 'do you want to install this device' dialog box - and Windows already has a driver for this device type? The driver is happily installed. 5. PC creates a COM port number (i.e. COM8, COM9, COM10 etc) to represent this device 6. In your C# code, you can now open 'COM8' (or whatever) and it opens a channel directly to the netduino. If the netduino is running code listening on its own COM port (I assume it would probably be 'COM1' on the device) then a channel is achieved. Thanks guys and gals. Adam

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