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false interupt triggering

07 May 2013 - 09:04 AM

i cant understand what is going on here and was wondering if someone could help me.


I've setup 2 two inputs to interrupt on ports D0 & D1

BallTrigOdd = new InterruptPort(NPIO.BallTrigOdd, true, Port.ResistorMode.PullUp, Port.InterruptMode.InterruptEdgeLow);BallTrigOdd.OnInterrupt += new NativeEventHandler(BallTrigOdd_OnInterrupt);BallTrigOdd.EnableInterrupt();BallTrigEven = new InterruptPort(NPIO.BallTrigEven, true, Port.ResistorMode.PullUp, Port.InterruptMode.InterruptEdgeLow);BallTrigEven.OnInterrupt += new NativeEventHandler(BallTrigEven_OnInterrupt);BallTrigEven.EnableInterrupt();
        private void BallTrigEven_OnInterrupt(uint data1, uint data2, DateTime time)        {            BallTrigEven.DisableInterrupt();            UpdateStatus(id.odd);            Cycle(id.even);            ballData.Lanes[(int)id.even].Data = (int)TestScores.Seven;            BallTrigEven.EnableInterrupt();        }        private void BallTrigOdd_OnInterrupt(uint data1, uint data2, DateTime time)        {            BallTrigOdd.DisableInterrupt();            UpdateStatus(id.even);            Cycle(id.odd);            ballData.Lanes[(int)id.even].Data = (int)TestScores.Seven;            BallTrigOdd.EnableInterrupt();        }

but for some reason it just keeps triggering and gets stuck in a loop. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

detecting a AC voltage

03 April 2013 - 03:42 PM

I need to monitor a state of some 28VAC lines.


Hows the best way to do this?


I know i need a full bridge, some smoothing and a opto coupler but the bit inbetween the smoothing and opto im stuck on.

High Speed Cameras

28 March 2013 - 03:28 PM

Has anyone got any experience capturing images at high speed?


The current camera we are using can take an image heavily compressed @ 320 x 240 and transfer the image in about over a second via a TTL serial interface.


I need a camera at a resolution of at least 640 x 320 and the transfer rate of well under a second. Any help would be very much appreciated :)

MCP23017 Interrupts

25 March 2013 - 02:37 PM

I can do basic IO on this chip without any issues but can i get the interrupt to work, no. Been at it for a few days and im not making any progress, please help!!!!


Hardware setup:

NP2+, clk & data lines have pull up resistors, 2 leds on the output of the mcp chip. 2 simple switch for the input with pull up resistors which is shorted to ground when switched. INTA on the mcp has a direct connection to the NP2+ to DIO0.


private void SetupPort(Port port){byte IODIA = IODIRA;byte IOCONAddress = IOCON;byte GPINTENAddress = GPINTENA;byte INTCONAddress = INTCONA;byte INTCAPAddress = INTCAPA;byte DEFVALAddress = DEFVALA;if (port == Port.PortB){IODIA = IODIRB;GPINTENAddress = GPINTENB;INTCONAddress = INTCONB;INTCAPAddress = INTCAPB;DEFVALAddress = DEFVALB;}// I/O expander configuration 1010 0000this.device.Write(new byte[] { IOCONAddress, 0xA0 });// Interrupt on change pin 00001111 first 4 are enabled only cus they are inputsthis.device.Write(new byte[] { GPINTENAddress, 0x0F });// default value to compare before the interrupt hitsthis.device.Write(new byte[] { DEFVALAddress, 0x0F });// Interrupt on change control reg, interrupts on default valuethis.device.Write(new byte[] { INTCONAddress, 0x0F });// clear the interupt capture regbyte[] ReadBuffer = new byte[] { INTCAPAddress };this.device.Read(ReadBuffer);// Direction register 11110000 first 4 are outputs and the rest are inputsthis.device.Write(new byte[] { IODIA, 0xF0 });// set outputs to 0//SetIOPort(port, 0);}


basicaly the setup is the first 4 bits to be inputs (interrupt driven) and the next 4 bits as outputs.


ive configured to only go high when it receives a high level from the input.


Its not working at all.

Creating Log Files.

06 March 2013 - 02:51 PM

I've a log file which i append to every so often. (Thats the easy bit)


What i want to do is if its gets above a certain size then delete the old 1 st line before add the latest line to the bottom of the file.


Is there a way of doing this? i cant exactly read the whole file as i will run out memory :(

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