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N+2 flashing woes - DfuSeDemo crashes

02 December 2012 - 05:58 PM

On my primary machine - Windows 7 64 bit, i had issues going through the flash steps laid out by Chris at : http://forums.netdui...-v421-update-1/

When it got to step 4, 4. Flash the attached .DFU file using the ST DfuSe Demonstrator application (included with STDFU Tester), I found the correct executable : DfuSeDemo.exe, however, upon running it, it would immediatly crash. It did not matter whether or not it was in administrator mode or the many different compatibility settings that I tried, every time, it would crash instantly.

Looking up on the DFuse code, it appears there is a problem with the HID enumeration, or something along those lines. Below are two links that I found along these lines.

So, I did remove every USB device I could ( including a USB hub) , but I still got the same error. My mouse and keyboard are still attached as they are both USB.

I also tried to build the DfsSeDemo app with the source code that came with the install, however, I did not have DevStudio 8 and it upgraded the project to 2010. There seemed to be issues with the source code, or the Devstudio version difference:

2>nafxcwd.lib(afxglobals.obj) : error LNK2005: "public: virtual __thiscall CMemDC::~CMemDC(void)" (??1CMemDC@@UAE@XZ) already defined in TextProgressCtrl.obj
2>../Binary/Debug/DfuSeDemo.exe : fatal error LNK1169: one or more multiply defined symbols found

Next, I tried downloading the version of DfsSeDemo in one of the links. It would run without crashing, however, it stated that it was version 3.0.0 and the one that was provided was But still I tried that. The program appeared to work, however the upload was "very fast" as opposed to taking a few minutes as per the instructions.

At this point, (thanks to some nudging from the chat community, I tried the steps on a different machine. I was able to use a 10 year old machine with XP to successfully load the firmware (Version: 4.2.1 Update 1 ). This tells me that I actually can follow the instructions provided ( sometimes an issue :-D), but it also tells me that my primary machine has something on it that is causing the crash.

I thought I would share my experience ( and work around) in case anyone also runs into this issue. Also, if there is something I could try so that I could use my primary machine to update the firmware rather than my 10 year old machine, that would help my sanity as just logging onto that old box tests my patience :-D.



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