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Bricked Netduino Plus. Help needed

12 April 2013 - 02:36 PM

I attempted to update my Netduino Plus to

As per the docs, I connected with MFDeploy to check the version and the board had

So far... all is good.

Continued to follow the steps:

1. Erase your Netduino by applying 3v3 power to gold ERASE pad.

a. Detach and reattach your Netduino (power cycle)


After this... Win7 tells me that the USB device failed to install.

Device manager shows a '!' on the driver.

MFDeploy sees nothing under USB.

BLUE LED stays on solid.


I tried installing the MFUSB drivers.... NG. I get an error 10 in Device Manager.

I reinstalled the WINUSB drivers on the device and DM shows that it is a Netduino (not plus or anything else).

STILL... no display of device in MFDeploy and pinging does nothing AND BLUE LED still stays on.


PLEASE... any help would be greatly appreciated.





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