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In Topic: Question comparing Netduino vs Arduino

09 October 2014 - 08:11 AM

True, for .NET Developers is a .NET-Board much better.


But since im studing electronic engineer ('Elektroniker' in German, not sure if GoogleTranslate was correct) So i got "converted" to C and 8Bit-Microcontrollers (at the moment, we are learning ARM and FPGA). And since i have to watch to my pocket money (in job and private). I cannot use for every little project an Netduino Plus 2. The Netduino Plus 2 Costs 79.90 CHF (~85$) on my local distributor (

An AVR-uC starts at 1.64 CHF (1.72$). I hope they add an tutorial/options to custom-Burn the Firmware on an blank STM32F4 Microcontroller to reduce cost's and size.


And the other reason was the "bad" support for VB-Developers. I used VB always for simple Windows Programs. But i only find C#-Developers, C#-Books or C#-Tutorials... :(


The 2 Interrupts, INT0 and INT1 can be triggered by a falling or rising edge or a low level. But every PIN can generate an interrupt when they get toggled. The difference is, that these 2 interrupts are "High-Level Interrupts". (Check out any ATMEGA datasheet. In the "Pin Configurations", all these PCINTXX are Interrupts :D ).


What i also miss are timers :( . Timers are a big reason why i dont use the NETMF anymore because you can do much stuff with them.


Oh, and about the Software Serial Port: No problem since the AVR Microcontroller can toggle their PINs faster than the Netduino Plus 2 ( :)  yes, i can use WS812-LEDs at only 8MHz Speed). So with an AVR uC u would maybe reach higher speed with the Software Serial Port than with an Netduino. Or you use the (up to two) Hardware Serial Ports with a Baud rate of up to 2.5Mbps.


So i hope they include more options to the NETMF Framework to get better Access to some Low-Level Registers ,Functions and maybe an option for an "WatchDog". Timer for example (the Controller on the Netduino Plus 2 has 17 Timers.

And a new small Netduino Mini (maybe an Netduino Nano? :o ). So it would be small and cheap :)





In Topic: Question comparing Netduino vs Arduino

03 October 2014 - 01:25 PM

Well i prefer my simple AVR (arduino) microcontrollers. I can simply do more stuff with then than a netduino (main reason: netduino is dead-slow in the microcontroller-world) and i love all the Interrupts on the AVR microcontrollers. Every PIN can generate an Interrupt, even if its configured as output-pin (Software-generated interrupt). All the timers, comparators, ADC, USART.... :o


IDE: Atmel Studio 6, based on Visual Studio :). You can use Atmel Studio 6 for Arduino Boards too (with all the Librarys).


Well, the question is, what do u wanna create/make?


I do a lot stuff with sensors, so Interrupts and Fast-Code is more important for me. Actualy, i only used the Ethernet-Port-Network stuff of my Netduino Plus. For the Rest it just hadn't the speed or the memory.

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