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Roy Salisbury

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Upgrading Bootloader to 4.2

20 June 2015 - 07:00 AM

There are a lot of "how do I get this updated" topics here, but they all seem to end the same way ... frustrated and nowhere.


So, can someone tell me, with 100% certainty which cable I need to get, what breakout board I need, whatever... and links to Amazon so I can purchase them.  


Of all the different cables I have (FTDI, Prolific) and breakout boards, not a single one will work.   And once I do get the necessary cables, I will probably have spent more on them than I did on the mini itself.


You know what would really be nice... just the the arduino .. I should be able to use my Netduino 1/2/plus as an RS232 device.  Then I just hook up the pins to the mini and away I go.

N3 Wifi Power Down

19 June 2015 - 02:54 AM

Is there a way to "power down" or have the WiFi go into a low power sleep mode?  I'm finding that my power requirements are too much for the N3 WiFi and will be moving over to a lower power nRF24L01 module.  I'd still like to use the board but cant with the power requirements.


I was going to switch over to the Fez Cerbino Bee that I have lying around but OMG .. such non-standard pin usage for an "Arduino Compatible" pin header.  I have a Netduino Mini arriving tomorrow but that's just more I have to figure out in the power setup (not a simple USB connection).



i2c PowerUp

04 June 2015 - 05:11 AM

I am trying to get some sensors working on my N3.  Here is what they are:


MLX90614 (IR Temperature Sensor)

HTU21DF (Humidity Sensor)

TSL2591 (Light Sensor)


Individually I can get each working fine.  And I can even get the MLX90614 to work with either of the other devices.  However, when I get all three on the same bus none of them work.  


Well that's not entirely true. They dont work if they are all connected at the same time when my app stars up.  However, if leave the SDA/SCL lines unplugged on one either the HTU or TSL sensor, and then wait until AFTER the app starts and plug them in (I had a breakpoint set at the start of the app), they work fine. Its like there is too much current pulled during the I2C initialization all at once.


Anyone ever see this?  Any ideas on how to get around it?  I have a few more sensors to hook up, and if two is the limit on the bus, this is going to be a very short project on the N3.



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