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In Topic: How to make movie-like video clips?

13 September 2010 - 04:37 PM

Not that I have cool videos that I want to make at this time or anything, but this has been my question and I want to get it out to the community. I saw some made pretty simple but nice video clips (take netduino projects for example) which has intro music or background music, flying text so on and so forth. Can someone point out some quick tips like camera,equiments, video software, editing technic to join 2 clips into one? Please keep your instruction as short as possible :-)

Thanks in advance!

I use a Canon PowerShot SD450. The main thing is to have some decent lighting like one or two daylight CFL's. The only problem with my camera is in the video mode you must pick a focal point per clip. Just do a lot of clips if need be. Using Windows Movie Maker (XP) it is pretty easy to stitch them together. All the videos I've done are with this cheap solution. The last one is:

Now you know what I want to do with NetDuino.

Tom, ak2b

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