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In Topic: Unboxing: first impressions?

06 August 2010 - 08:16 PM

Sounds like you already were thinking something similar with the start hub redirect. Good deal. As a complete newb with arduino about 2 years ago, I can appreciate how helpful it will be when the device points me to the step by step starting place to work with it. One more thing. The Boxes around the pin numbering, as well as the high contrast white letter on black board is really appreciated. On most of my arduino boards, I'm always having to triple check if my wire really is in pin 3 or if it moved to 2.

In Topic: Unboxing: first impressions?

06 August 2010 - 03:57 PM

Just got mine in. The experience was clever. For the target audience, using the barcode for documentation 'fits'. It would have been nice to have a qrcode on the opposite side of the paper just in case you didn't have an hccb reader. Or to have mercy on those cell phone less souls, a tinyurl on the backside. My personal preference would be that the landing page be the Getting Started PDF instead of the tools and docs page. Two reasons behind that logic: 1. This code 'IS' the documentation. In another product, it would be a book. So to have the code go directly to what is the documentation completes the analogy. 2. The person scanning this code is almost certainly a first timer and should be started at the very very first step. Lastly, if the barcode was a sticker on the back of the board (one that was easily removable, of course) it would one up the puzzle/cool factor. Overall, very impressed! The board looks great and oozes a cool factor. Time to boot it up.

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