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Netduino Mini using SPI pin assignment question

03 September 2012 - 06:01 AM

I created a project that has a Netduino Mini communicating with an AD5206 digital potentiometer over SPI. I had it up and working no problem using pin 19 as the CS (or Enable) pin. When I was redesigning my wire setup I tried to use pin 13 instead of pin 19 and it didnt work. I hooked it up to a Saleae Logic to see if I could get a better idea what was happening and it appears that the Enable line never gets a signal. I am initializing my SPI like this:
        public AD5206()
            config = new SPI.Configuration((Cpu.Pin)Pins.GPIO_PIN_19, false, 0, 0, false, true, 1000, SPI.SPI_module.SPI1);
            SPI1 = new SPI(config);

and send a value like this:
        public void SendAddressValue(int potAddress, int potValue)
            tx_data[0] = (byte)potAddress;//digipot address (0 through 5)
            tx_data[1] = (byte)potValue;//value to put pot (0 through 255)


Pin 19 works but using the same code and just changing the pin to GPIO_PIN_13 shows no Enable pin activity even though I can see activity on the CLOCK and MOSI pins. Can pin 13 not be used as the SPI Enable pin for some reason? Do I have to use just the PWM pins? Thanks!

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