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#63143 Netduino 3 COM2 Question

Posted by thkaw on 14 June 2015 - 03:34 PM

Today I test Netduino 3,

In spec, it said which have 4 COM Ports


I test COM1,3 by using UART Camera.

And it works fine, read all information and data i need.



But in COM2, it won't have any respond.

Not detect any UART device.


But same program change to using Netduino Plus 2, it working.



So I change a brand new Netduino 3, and test COM2.

But still can't using only COM2.



Is there have know issues in Netduino 3 COM2?



My Camera baud rate is in 115200


#63075 WiFi Connection steps problem

Posted by thkaw on 08 June 2015 - 08:12 AM

Hi, today i want to connect netduino 3 wifi to WIFI AP


but with unsuccessful.



I can't find any specific document telling about wifi connection step.


So I search on this forum.


Understand probably using MFDeploy to set.



I starting do following step to set netduino:


1. Connect my netduino 3 to PC, open MFDeploy.


2. Confirm netduino 3 is connect correctly and can send command.


3. Open Network configuration dialog.


4. Fill value like below image(Connect to my none encryption WIFI ap, here is my sony Z Ultra)


5. Press Update, then nothing happen, ACT LED always keep off, and WiFi ap also not see any client connect.



Please help me check if some step are wrong or miss.




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