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Netduino Plus I2C crashed?

07 April 2013 - 07:02 PM



First, I'm sorry for my poor English, I'll try to explain my problem as good as possible.


I've started with Netduino Plus (firmware 4.2.0) and I2C bus to attach a MCP23017 (16 GPIO Ports expander) and it works great.


But sometimes, when there are a lot of read/write operations, I reach a crash of the "I2C layer". Then only way I have to make this works again is to switch off then on the power supply of the N+.


I've unsuccesfully tried the reset pin or the onboard button. I've also tried to redeploy the solution on the board with no success.


The rest of the program continues to work corrrectly, only the I2C is crashed.


When I look at the SCL and SDA signals, I can see that the bit stream seem to be uncomplete.


For example a write of a "0" to GPIOA at address 0x020


When it's working :

Attached File  Normal.bmp   25.07KB   21 downloads


And when crashed :

Attached File  Crashed.bmp   20.99KB   15 downloads


Thanks in advance for your help.



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