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Battery powered logger with GPRS using Netduino plus 1 / 2

18 February 2015 - 06:54 PM

Hi all,


I'm new to the forums so first of all thanks to anybody that may help me in finding a solution for the project we are considering.


We are trying to build a logger wich is able to count pulses coming from a digital input, store periodically the count in a file in the SD card (say every 15 minutes) and periodically transmit them to a web/ftp server using a GPRS data connection (this also means that the Netduino needs a "clock" to know what time is it. Internet connections to time services are discarded due to power considerations). It is also a requirement that the device can receive incoming connections for parameter adjustment...


Additionally, the device should also be able to control a couple of water valves via digital output (I guess this is directly possible with Netduino digital IO). And finally, it should be able to work in a stand alone environment, with no power supply aside from rechargable batteries combined (if possible) with a small solar panel for battery charge. Note that this is going to be in the field, which means that constantly replacing batteries is not an option. Those should last for 1.5 - 2 years ^_^'.


The first thing we thought when receiving these requierements was Netduino... but I'd like to know if someone has done these before. We've been searching but haven't found a Netduino configuraton like this. Do you think it's possible? Which shileds should be necessary to get all the required functionality?


Again, thanks for your help. Really appreciated.

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