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GSM shield

17 March 2017 - 09:37 PM

Hello Everyone. 

I have a netduino Plus 2 and want to use a GSM shield with this. Can anyone recommend a good one? I have tried this stuff in the past but it is difficult to get the SIM chips setup to log into the a network. 


They require seting up a user pin  "****" of four numbers and all kinds of stuff to setup the SIM chip for the first time.


Does anyone have a step by step for this? If I am able to setup the SIM chip and the shield, I can do some demos of the possibilities. 


Please let me know soon. I have one modem but I do not have the model number with me to list it. I got it on the Arduino website. I hope that it is compatible with this Netduino.


I also have another question. Suppose I wanted to make a product? How would I get the code ready for manufacturing? Once I prove the concept and want to use .NET how hard would it be at that point? The goal is to create my own thing.











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