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Netduino 2 doesn't do anything but no errors

18 September 2014 - 01:15 AM

So I just got a Netduino 2 and I was doing the initial test example (flashing the LEDs) that is on the getting started pdf.  I installed visual C# 2010 express and the .NET micro 4.1 and netduino 4.1.


So I was getting an error back about wrong version  when I ran the code and it turned out the Netduino required .NET Micro 4.2 so I downloaded and installed that.


So now at this point, I run the code and I don't get any errors but it also doesn't seem to do anything.  Even visual studio seems like it's going to go into debug mode and then it goes back to the regular edit mode and the run button is enabled again as though I didn't even start.


The only LED that is on on the board is the power LED which is glowing a solid white the entire time and I assume comms are working since I did get an error message the first time through saying the netduino had a newer firmware (4.2)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Do I have a bad board?

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