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In Topic: Integrating Netduino 2 electronics onto own PCB

31 January 2015 - 10:51 AM

Hi Chris,


Thanks so much for your reply.  It gave me the confidence to persevere.


I eventually found an error on my PCB design which left pin 57 floating, rather than connecting it to +3.3V via a 10k resistor. 


After correcting the issue, the STM32 appeared in the Netduino Update Tool as a device in DFU mode.  I was able to flash it with the Netduino firmware and then load my own .NET code onto it through Visual Studio.


So I've confirmed that it's possible to create your own custom Netduino 2 PCB using the resources available on the Netduino website (schematic, firmware update tool, etc.).


Chris, thanks again for your support!



In Topic: Integrating Netduino 2 electronics onto own PCB

29 January 2015 - 04:38 AM

Hi Chris,


Thanks for your reply.  I'm all for open source, and indeed I've made some contributions to open source software in the past.  Unfortunately, this time around, the product is a little sensitive, but I'd be happy to share details about the development process if you feel people would find it useful.


In any case, I now have the STM32F205RFT6 set up on my bench, configured as per your schematic (with respect to boot pins, etc.)  I also have the firmware update tool (Netduino Update v1.0.1) running on my laptop.  But when I connect the STM32F205RFT6 to my laptop whilst pressing down the boot switch, it isn't detected by the firmware update tool.


However, when I connect my Netduino 2 baseboard to my laptop whilst pressing the boot switch, it appears in the firmware update tool, in the list of devices.


I appreciate that you're unable to support specific designs but feel this question will be of broader interest to the Netduino community. Are there any initial setup steps that need to be performed i.e. flashing the STM32F205RFT6 over the JTAG interface, in order to be able load the Netduino firmware? Or should everything work over USB?  In the latter case, is the firmware update tool sufficient for loading the firmware the first time around?  Or must the DfuSe application be used instead?  


Many thanks,



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