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Is my netduino faulty? Simple analog test = 1023 constant :(

08 March 2012 - 10:33 AM

Hi, This is my first post and I've had my netduino now for around 3 weeks and I've now got a problem with all my analog sensors always reading 1023 when I connect for example a simple LDR. The example setup I'm using is: LDR - 3.3V LDR - A0-A05 (tried all ports) When I read the analog it's always coming back with 1023 and it's doing it for a number of other analog sensors also now. The issue is I'm very sure that it never used to do this and I remember getting it working before with the above exact setup. I've read other posts on this forum about connecting 3.3V to the AREF port (I've not tried this yet) but I thought the Netduino had a default AREF? Is there a reset I can do to get this working without now having to use the AREF port? As I said I've had it working with AREF use before so not sure what's changed. Any advice whould be much appreciated.

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