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GPS Help

06 March 2014 - 10:09 AM



I want to be able to determine if my current gps has crossed over a specified coordinate line. 


I was wondering if there are any GPS libraries that help in the sense of detecting intersection coordinates? Also if there are any best practices involved in these scenarios?



Netduino Plus 2 GPS Laptimer

06 March 2014 - 09:57 AM



I am fairly new to the Netduino community, but after browsing and learning from the more experienced people I thought I would attempt a project of my own. 


I want to create a Lap and Sector timer for my karting endeavors. There are existing systems that can do this but I wanted to create my own. Besides the updates of your sector times I want to add any other external measurements like throttle postition, brake position, G forces, engine temperature etc which will greatly enhance the experience.


So after doing some research I decided upon the Adafruit Ultimate GPS shield to be my GPS receiver of choice. So first steps were to just get GPS signal and later on determine sectors and intersections of coordinates.



It is still a work in progress project. Hopefully get some decent testing this weekend and data to continue this development.


Just like to thank the Netduino team for all their great work in giving us a powerfull framework to work with. As well as the developers of NETMF Toolbox. This library is such a great tool and help!  :)


Any suggestions or criticism is welcome. Follow the project on Codeplex


Update (2014-03-12): Tested the GPS point calculation to a predefined sector and it worked.

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