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Serkan Polat

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In Topic: I2C configuration help needed! :)

18 March 2012 - 01:02 AM

today i am gonna try it.. we had some problems with the i2c and rtc.. there is a problem with smd rtc mcu.. :)) after solving it.. i will try it.. thank you for the code sharing :))) i will tell you the results when i finish them..

In Topic: I2C configuration help needed! :)

14 March 2012 - 09:07 PM

Yes exactly, but our system also support shoutcast, mp3 streaming and playing downloaded files. Currently we have 1.500 customers :) Our managment system prepares filelist and sends it over webservices, the n+ device stores this data on sqlite, checks date and time and download files., then loops the files.. So far, we tried many systems, embedded linux distros, damn small linux, wince, embedded win7 etc.. İ rewrite system more then 20 times for better performance and memory usage.. At last i wrote compressor and limiter to stabilize the volume level.. Now i want to do it with vs1053b, i will get the vumeter valus and realtime increase or decrease volume.. Do you kniw how to get vumeter values? Ps: i got you prv message..

In Topic: I2C configuration help needed! :)

14 March 2012 - 03:16 PM

No :) we will give free to our customers when they get our service for 1 year :)) Normally the most problem part is the hardware cost in our business, we use atom based ultra thin pc and windows.. İt cost alot.. Our customers dont want to make that investment.. Thats why we are teing to make our own hardware

In Topic: I2C configuration help needed! :)

14 March 2012 - 12:50 PM

yes thats the one i bought 200 piece.. 1.500 pieces are on the way.. yeah there are hundreds of them.. all have skype and live chat.. so you can ask whatever you want.. they reply immediately.. but when you want some feature they all say "yes yes we can do it" but not :))) , some of them made me crazy.. :) thank you very much.. i am not the hardware guru.. my friend "sevan" is the pcb designer.. i am just the guy that say "use vs1053b, atmel cpu , these features etc.." he made it all.. i coded the software.. soldering of the final pcb is handmade :) he was like an artist.. :)) if you can send the patch code and if you know how to implement a vumeter, that would be cool.. i am very tired of reading mcu documentations.. :)) my expertise is on gesture, pattern, object recognition and multimedia development on pc.. not micro controller developer :))

In Topic: I2C configuration help needed! :)

14 March 2012 - 11:56 AM

by the way, i have 4-5 different android devices purchased before.. i opened all of them :)) what i see is, there is one android device board on the top and all manufacturers/assemblers made their expansion units (hdmi out, usb, vga, sdcard slot, wireless etc.. ) so the outer plastic box differs from one to another.. but all uses same kind of main android boards.. cortext, Amlogic8726 etc cpus.. actual mainboard supports 4 usb + 1 host usb but some manufacturers removes some usb ports, vga out , even rtc battery to reduce price of the device :)) also the wireless module is 7-8 usd and that is optional when buying.. they solder it inside the device.. all those devices can use usb mouse and keyboard.. the first 2 device i ordered did not have rtc battery.. the third one has it but the user interface was not good and it heats much.. the fourth one was perfect (the picture i send).. the user interface etc works incredible fast.. also the remote controller is more complex then the others.. all others have credit card size remote controlers and does not work properly.. anyway this device is amazing.. forexample i put a iso and img dvd file, just clicked it and it mounted image file automatically and started to play.. i tried h264 1080p dts videos.. normally my lg and samsung and also WDTV device can not play dts sounds.. but this device played it perfectly on analog output..

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