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Getting Started with...

29 March 2012 - 08:40 PM

Yay! I got my copy of "Getting Started with Netduino" today. Pre-ordered on 3rd August 2011; delivered 29th March 2012. It's a great read. I know all of this stuff already; I made my purchase mainly to show support for the project and to see how it's being presented to new adopters. Having seen it, I'm sure they will be enthused. It's a well paced and structured tutorial. Good job Chris!

Website homepage

30 November 2011 - 12:44 AM

Correct me if I'm being 'blind' but it seems strange to me that there's no links to info on the Plus or the Mini from the homepage.

Deployment sizes

16 August 2011 - 10:57 PM

I know there have been various threads on "how big is my program?" but I don't think there is a good, clear explanation here or on the Wiki yet. I'm banging my head on the ceiling for code size at the moment. I've learned that when an application is too big to deploy all you get from VS is the error "An error has occurred. Please check your hardware" and that a little more information is shown in the output from 'Micro Framework Device Deployment' e.g.: Incrementally deploying assemblies to device Deploying assemblies for a total size of 141280 bytes Assemblies not successfully deployed to device. Deployment to the device was not successful. And I understand that 141280 is much bigger than the N+ can handle (which I assume to be 65536). In helping me get to finding what assemblies are causing such application bloat, I'm looking at the start of the debug output of a successful delpoy which appears to contain details of per assembly sizes but I don't understand how these relate to the physical constraints of the target device. For example: Attaching deployed file. Assembly: xFxMF ( (2644 RAM - 31216 ROM - 11306 METADATA) Attaching deployed file. Assembly: HTTP ( (2152 RAM - 26640 ROM - 8930 METADATA) Resolving. Total: (16536 RAM - 159476 ROM - 73739 METADATA) What do the figures for RAM, ROM and METADATA mean? Can they help me to trim my oversize application down?

More RAM

25 April 2011 - 11:17 AM

Kudos to KodeDaemon for doubling the available RAM on the plus. And it made me wonder, RAM feels like it's the main constraint on the NetDuino platform, is there any way of expanding it? I know RAM almost always ends up being a key constraint on embeded devices - and for me that's part of the fun - but is the on-chip stuff (512K) a hard limit? I know you can get little-bitty (8K) SPI chips but I'm thinking of an extra 512K; preferably at the full speed of the on-chip RAM. A possible future Netduino variant? Edward

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