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David Karlas

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MF .Net source code licencing question

08 January 2014 - 05:33 PM

I'm wondering if this code is under Apache license or is it not:


I'm checking posibility for Xamarin studio plugin...

Relay module 5V to Netduino IORef

06 January 2014 - 06:27 PM

Hi all,


first I would like to thank you for this awesome piece of hardware.


I wanted to control 10 Relays from my Netduino so I bought http://www.sainsmart...-ttl-logic.html. Already at time of buying I was very sceptical about 3.3v and 5v TTL... But after no reply from sellers I went ahead and bougth it...


So after recieving it I connected Relay module to external 12v power and then Netduino ground to module ground, pin D0- pin 1,D1-2,D2-3...(signals) and then 5v to 5v... And my setting of pins had no effect... Because when D0 was put in high it was 3.3v and not enough to trigger 5v listening on relay module.


So I do first ask later... Connected 5v from module to IORef in hope that Netduino would tell Module we are working with 3.3v and not 5v. And thing started working... But at same time USB debugging stopped.


Later I realized that Relay module pulled whole Netduino to 5v working and probably PC USB protection disconnected Netduino. So now(not atm) whole board is running on 5v which is good for me because I need to listen to analog input which is 0-5V so I don't have to do anything special for that to work aswel. But debuing isn't working while this is connected. Plus Relay module is powering Netduino even after USB is physiclly disconnected.


So obvious questions for me total amature in electricity/hardware waters is.

  • How lucky I was to get away with this without destroying Netduino?
  • Can I run this configuration 24/7?
  • Will this reduce lifetime of Netduiono and for how much?
  • If this is damaging my Netduino what should I do/how components should I add to connection?

Thank you in advance,


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