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Ryan Mick

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Help with 24 bit ADC - LTC2499

13 April 2012 - 04:38 PM

I have recently ordered 2 LTC2499 24 bit ADC's. I should receive them shortly but I need help understanding how to convert the output, binary manipulation is not my strong point. On page 16 of the datasheet it gives the output format of the reading as 4 bytes (total of 32 bit numbered 31 to 0). Bit 31 is the sign bit and I know how to find out if its value (byte1 & 0x80 == sign). Bit 30 is described as the MSB but is not part of the 24 bit result, which means bits 29 to bit 6 are the 24 bit result and bits 5 to 0 are ignored. So after I get the sign how do I properly clear the up bits that are not needed and then properly read the value. The other catch is that the sheet says the result is in binary two's compliment, which just confused me even more when I looked up what that meant. Any help would be greatly appreciated in learning how to convert this value.


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