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Need help with electronics please

01 November 2011 - 12:00 AM

Copy Paste from Showcase (seems like noone reads it there, since the original post is quite old).


I am in search of help with the Tron Disc Project. First of all, I don't know jack about programing or electronics, but I'm a quick learner.

I am currently following the two guides here:

Original Guide Hackerspace/Coding4fun
Thundergod Guide using netduino mini

Posted Image

This is the basic circuit. But I would like to alter the following:

- use a premade USB charger unit like this: sparkfun micro usb charger - Data sheed with schematic here
- add more LEDs: 30 outer ring, 16 inner ring (8 on each side) and 8 for the solo lights with bezel mounts on the inner surface of the disc (4 on each side) = total of 54

The basic idea is to create the same animation as in the movie (youtube link @ scene 34 sec).

Now the questions are:

- Can I simply smolder the usb charger directly to the netduino and and attach >>both<<??? battaries onto that one charger? If yes can you please clarify how the batteries should be wired/smoldered to the usb charger?

- If I go with 54 LEDs:
- Do I need other batteries? I bought 54 x nichia 6500mcd 45° - data sheet here
- If the batteries stay the same, will my LEDs simply run out of power faster or are they going to shine less bright?
- If they shine less bright, what battery do i need?

Thanks in advance

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