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In Topic: First Project - Prototype - Industrial Control

26 September 2013 - 12:23 PM

Steve, thanks for the links.  I will dig through them and see if I can learn enough of the fundamentals to get started.

In Topic: First Project - Prototype - Industrial Control

26 September 2013 - 01:46 AM

I would be interested in seeing your micro web server code as an example to help me figure out how to build a simple server that works with a web page containing text boxes where I can enter text and submit the contents to a server running on the Netduino Plus 2.


I have zero experience with HTTP/HTML etc. and have used google to find some sample code.  I have tested some very crude things using the web server example in the Getting Started with Netduino book as a starting point.  But some additional code with forms/text boxes etc. could be very helpful.


The specific thing I want to do is have two text boxes where I can enter an IP address in one and a PORT number in the other and then submit those items to the server.  I found a very crude way to send the contents of one box when I type something and hit the ENTER key, but the contents of the box are cleared in the process.  This will only be the first step in a project that will use those entries, but one small step at a time.

In Topic: COM port pin assignments, NP2

11 September 2013 - 05:54 PM

Thanks for the quick response.  I marked this as answered because it does answer the specific question about mapping from COM ports to I/O pins.  I still wonder if there is a set of documentation for things like this, that relate software to hardware.

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