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multiple spi devices (thermocouple)?

09 October 2011 - 08:17 PM

Hello all, I am a total newb to such things however I have used C# a couple of times so feel that I should at least try.... anyhow as a back story I am building a pizza oven and want a thermocouple logger to record its temp profile and they seem waaaay to expensive for what could be a pretty simple device (Excel can do the heavy lifting) Ideally I would like to monitor 4 thermocouples, from what I can see these are either analog or spi interfaced, spi seems simpler to me but it seems that the netduino only has 1 spi interface, could this be easily multiplexed as I would be logging multipl hours it would not be an issue to not get simultaneous readings, although when talking in the ms realm compared to the duration and pause between measurements they would effectively be simultaneous. I see pics and audrinos being used but feel learning that might be just too much of a challenge. Many thanks for reading, any guidance gratefully received.

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