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Crash on network socket unplug

28 September 2011 - 08:25 AM

Does anyone has any idea why a Netduino plus crashes out if the network cable is removed and then plugged back in?

In simple terms, my app is:

void Main()
     while (!button pressed);

     Connect to tcp server
     send message to tcp server
     poll for response
  catch (Exception)
     Print error

Now, if I stop the tcp server and press the button, no sweat - the catch triggers on the send failure and then eventually
recovers when the server is restarted.

But if I pull the network cable it bombs right out .. no exception. I know it's dead as I have a threading.timer running flashing the LED each second. It just dies when the network cable is out and I press that button... Tracing the code, it seems to die at a Socket.Connect call.

I can't see any obvious way to detect if the cable is in .. if there was a way to do that I could avoid the connect call.

This is firmware

Big problem for me. I wanted to use the netduino pluses in a production environment but if they can't survive a cable pull or switch reset, then they're no good to me.

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