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In Topic: How to 3D print your project a custom case!

16 June 2014 - 11:23 PM

I would not buy a printer from XYZ Printing, their printers take proprietary cartridges, that have a DRM chip in them. There have been articles on how to hack them, but I refuse to support a company that takes open source ideas and close source them, not to mention making it restrictive for their customers to use  standard filament. 


I personally have a MakerGear M2, bought it as a kit, it is an excellent printer, but not anywhere near the price of the XYZ. If you are looking for something in that price range, take a look at pirate3D bucaneer. The are very promising machines, they have a very successful kickstarter, and just closed pre-orders so they can do fulfillment. The pre-order was right around 500, so in a similar price range.


The thing you have to remember about FDM (Fused Deposit Modeling) is that there are a lot of factors that directly effect your print quality. The inexpensive printers tend to take a lot more tweaking to get good print quality. Though, any printer is going to require some amount of tweaking and tuning. 


If you really just want something cheap that works decent, there is also printrbot. They are laser cut, so I would not use them anywhere but indoors, especially if you live in a humid climate; the warping can toss your print quality out mid print.

In Topic: Frequent writing into SD card caused lost data in reading from serial port

13 June 2014 - 02:46 PM

I have this problem as well, thought I am using two serial ports, at the same time as the SD card.


I have read on the forums, it may be caused by the SD card turning interrupts off on the microcontroller when it is doing writes, and the serial port misses putting the data on the buffer.

In Topic: Dependency Injection

20 March 2014 - 03:18 AM

Agreed, even though I do not use full DI, all of my netduino app still have very string OO in them.

In Topic: Multithread Problem 3 blinking LED's

20 March 2014 - 03:14 AM

It basically puts thread 1 and 2 into a wait state, and they wake up and execute the next line when the Joined thread exits.

You very well could have continued executing code in thread 1 and 2 after the join.


It just so happens that the next line of code in those methods is the exit sub, which signals to the CLR that the threads are finished and it can clean them up.


Edit: in this case we could have gotten the exact same results by calling _thread3Wait.WaitOne()



So in short it just tells thread1 and 2 to hop into the other timing cycle until Thread z is done then the CLR kicks in?

In Topic: Multithread Problem 3 blinking LED's

20 March 2014 - 03:07 AM

If you look at the last line in in led1t and led2t they do a .Join on _threadZ

A join causes the existing thread to block until the Joined thread exits. This causes the overhead of the thread exit cleanup by the CLR, etc to be delayed until the timing cycle is complete.




You are very welcome, hope you learned a little but about threading in .Net :)

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