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Cannot load netduino plus XP driver

14 December 2011 - 08:02 AM

I am unable to load the XP driver for my netduino plus board. When I connect the board to the USB port, I see XP find new HW, a USB Device, and it launches the driver installation wizard. I click on "Install from list..." and Next, then I click on "Search for the best driver..." and "Include this location..." I then browse to "C:\Program Files\Secret Labs\Netduino SDK\Drivers" and click Next. At this point the wizard searches and searches but is unable to find the driver. It just gives up and tells me that it cannot install this HW because it can't find the necessary software. I've tried this over and over. I just don't understand why it can't find the driver info file that is clearly present. Could it be a problem with the name of the .inf file or the actual .sys file? I mean it's looking for a "USB Device" but the file is "MFUSB_Netduino.inf." I have installed other USB/serial drivers such as Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Uno, and an FTDI Friend. Can someone please help me?

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