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SerialPort Application Help.

Serial port struct ArrayList

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Posted 15 October 2013 - 09:21 PM

Im Porting over an application that i made for the Arduino. The application should works as follows:



  • Receive Serial Data. (Always ends in rn)
  • Parse out parts of the data
  • Check files on Sdcard for match. if no match stop here. 
  • Apply the Parsed Data to the initialization of an instance of a Struct.
  • Add the Struct to an ArrayList.
  • if the Structs existed for a certain amount of time, Signal the Serial port.
  • After a long period of time, remove the structs.


I Made a flowchart to explain the Application:


Posted Image


I have the Application working, but im experiencing Data Loss issues somewhere along the Line.


Here is my Actual Request Struct:

class Request{    public int Location_index { get; set; }    public char SubLocation { get; set; }    public int Details_index { get; set; }    public long Start_time { get; set; }    public int Level { get; set; }    public Request(int locIndex, char SubLoc, int Detail)    {        Location_index = locIndex;        SubLocation = SubLoc;        Details_index = Detail;        Start_time = DateTime.Now.Ticks;        Level = 0;    }    public override bool Equals(object obj)    {        Request ncs = obj as Request;        if (ncs == null) return false;        else        {            if (this.Location_index != ncs.Location_index) return false;            if (this.SubLocation != ncs.SubLocation) return false;            if (this.Details_index != ncs.Details_index) return false;            return true;        }    }}

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