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Unmount and MountSD; do they work on NP2?

sd unnp2 flush filesystem mount mountsd

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Posted 08 July 2013 - 04:46 PM


Does anyone know definitively whether the APIs:




do or do not work on the Neduino Plus 2?  From experience?


Here is a test app that, for me, fails attempting to Unmount().

//testing StorageDevice.Unmount and StorageDevice.MountSD on the NP2using System;using Microsoft.SPOT;using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware;using SecretLabs.NETMF.IO;    //NOTE:  you will need to add reference SecretLabs.NETMFIO.IOusing Microsoft.SPOT.IO;      //NOTE:  you will need to add reference Microsoft.SPOT.IOnamespace NP2VolumeMountTest{    public class Program    {	    public static void Main()	    {		    bool bJoy = false;		    try		    {			    //first, get mounted volume names as a sanity check			   				 Debug.Print("listing mounted volumes...");			    VolumeInfo[] volumes = VolumeInfo.GetVolumes();			    foreach (VolumeInfo volumeInfo in volumes)				    { Debug.Print("volume:  " + volumeInfo.Name); }			    Debug.Print("finished listing mounted volumes");		   				 //now, we will try to unmount and re-mount the SD card			    Debug.Print("attempting to unmount SD card...");			    StorageDevice.Unmount(@"SD");			    Debug.Print("unmount success!");			    //from schematic			    //using cpu spi module 3, /CS is B0, /CARDPRESENT is B5, /POWERCTL is B1			    //from firmware .DeviceCodeTargetsNativeSTM32ManagedCodeHardwareCPU.cs			    //public const Cpu.Pin GPIO_PIN_B_0 = (Cpu.Pin)16;			    //public const Cpu.Pin GPIO_PIN_B_1 = (Cpu.Pin)17;			    //public const Cpu.Pin GPIO_PIN_B_5 = (Cpu.Pin)21;			    Debug.Print("attempting to re-mount SD card...");			    StorageDevice.MountSD(@"SD", SPI.SPI_module.SPI3, (Cpu.Pin)16, (Cpu.Pin)21);			    Debug.Print("re-mount success!");			    bJoy = true;		    }		    catch (SystemException e)		    {			    Debug.Print("failure;  exception:  " + e);			    Debug.Print(e.StackTrace);		    }		    Debug.Print("Test application main() terminating.  " + ( bJoy ? "Have a nice day." : "It will be a long day." ) );	    }    }}

Let me know if there is a change that will make it work, and ideally what firmware version you are using.  I myself have tested on firmware versions,,,,,


While looking into a different problem (that of filesystem flushing), I started with the often-suggested workaround of doing an Unmount().  Of course, one would want to remount, right?  Which was the motivation for this test:  to figure out the MountSD parameters, but then I discovered that Unmount fails beforehand.


FWIW, I also tried fiddling with the "SD", trying upper, lower, leading slash, trailing slash, and null.  (Examining the source, I didn't really expect those to help, but now you know I did try anyway).


Any confirmation that Unmount/MountSD do in fact work on the NP2 is useful, along with whatever beyond what I showed above that is necessary to make those calls work.



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