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Door Alarm

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Posted 30 May 2013 - 10:51 PM

Our sump pump room is in the corner of a "game room" in our basement.  I want to ensure the door stays closed and people (mainly kids) aren't going in there.  The "door alarm" solutions commercially available seem targeted at freezers and just didn't suit my needs.  Enter Netduino.


My original desire was something that would sound a short alert when the door was opened and then alert at intervals (every few minutes) similar to a smoke detector with a dying battery until the door was closed.  After playing around with the Netduino Plus 2 the project has evolved into something that is probably overkill but I thought was cool and wanted to share :)


The unit monitors the door via a magnetic switch.  When the door is opened several things happen:

1. The overhead light is turned on via a high-voltage relay.

2. A webservice is called which sends an MMS to my phone.

3. A timer is activated which will produce and audible alert and antoerh webservice call (MMS message) if the door remains open for a specified period of time.


When the door is closed the light is turned off and the alarm timer is stopped.  I've incorporated a 2-line LCD for messages, 2 LEDs (1 for power, 1 for trouble/override mode indication), and some buttons.  Strickly speaking the button count could be reduced but I had them and it was easier to program for single function buttons versus programming for short/long press or some time of menuing system (such as many printers use).


Anyway attached is a picture Attached File  doormanager.JPG   28.35KB   36 downloads, a wiring diagram Attached File  Netduino_Door_Manager.png   30.99KB   34 downloads, and the C# project Attached File   8.78KB   38 downloads.  Feel free to make fun of my neophitic soldering/wiring job, I'm not very experienced in that art :)


My next step is to add a water level sensor and battery backup but that will have to wait for another day.



Netduino Door Alarm

- Turns light on automatically when door is opened and off when door is closed
- MMS alert when door is opened (via web service call)
- Audible alert and additional MMS alert if door is left open longer than the timer
- Alerts repeat at specified intervals if door continues to be left open
- Button 1: Manual light on/off override

- Button 2: Return to automaticaly light control

- Button 3: Review error messages (mainly for network connections)

- Button 4: Turn on/off door sensor (allows for prolonged door open without alerts)

Parts list:

Netduino Plus 2 - $59.95

Magnetic Switch - $4.60

Amprobe RC-120S Remcon Relay Switch - $39.33

9V Power Adapter - $6.45

Parallax 2x16 Serial LCD w/Speaker - $29.99

5VDC/1A SPDT Micro Relay - $4.69

1N4004 Micro 1-Amp Rectifier Diode - $1.49

MPS2222A Transistor - $1.49

3 1K-Ohm Resistors - $1.49

2 LEDs, 4 Momentary Switches, misc screws, project box

Protoshield Kit for Ardiono - $9.90
This kit includes a prototyping circuit board, connectors, resistors, LEDs (not project box mountable), switches (not project box mountable) and other misc parts that can help an initiate get started.

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