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Mini wih Ethernet (Wiz105SR)

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Posted 08 May 2013 - 09:46 PM

The files are here in case anyone is interested,




This is a minimal demo project in VB 2010, Netduino Mini with (v4.2.0.1) for the Wiz105SR serial/ethernet adapter. The three ZIP files contain the Mini code, a Windows GUI client and a console UDP client for testing  purposes. The build target of the UDP client EXE is the Libs folder of the Windows client Project. The Windows Client expects to see the UDP Client in this folder. Some initial network parameter configuration is necessary to run the demos.


In the windows client, MainForm.vb, change the following to your desired configuration:

Dim Mini_IP_Address As String = ""
Dim UDP_IPAddress As String = ""
Dim UDP_RemotePort As String = "5000"
Dim UDP_LocalPort As String = "5000"


In the Mini MainProgram.vb at the beginning of Sub Main(), change the following:

MyIpAddress = ""   'Static
MySubnet = ""
MyGateway = ""
MyPort = "5000"

'NIST DayTime server is:
'(usually not busy). Always port, 13 for DayTime on TCP.

MyDayTimeServer = ""
MyDayTimeServerPort = "13"

'My time zone (Los Angeles) relative to UTC
MyTimeZone = -8


The project demonstrates issuing configuration commands, settng time from a NIST Daytime server, switching from TCP to UDP chat, serving simple pages and plotting data from the Mini using Zedgraph. It should be easy to extend the capability from that presented in the demo. The Wiz105SR driver is not full featured. It only implements the functionality I needed for evaluation purposes.


The Wiz105SR just requires a serial port and should work on any Netduino. The 105SR is LVTTL 3.3V serial and the companion 110SR is the RS232 version. The 110SR is powered from a 5V barrel connector and the 105SR takes 3.3V through a pin header. Both require about 180 mA. The header is 2mm 2x6 pins so you need to make a cable. I used the companion 2mm through-hole female. My connections from the Mini (using COM1) to the Wiznet are GND, TXD, RXD and /RESET. Power (3.3V) is supplied to the Wiz with a Micrel MIC5201-3.3 200mA LDO regulator which has an enable pin; giving capability to power cycle the Wiz independently from the The Mini.


It is very easy to configure and test the adapter with the Configuration Tool and the serial to ethernet Terminal which you can download from here,


Through some sort of magic, the configuration tool which is a PC program, works while the adapter is connected to the Mini. The present project demonstrates the configuration via the serial interface . Sending "+++" enters the command mode. In this mode, You can then send a command such as "<WM0>" to configure the operating mode, where, 0=client, 1=mixed, 2=server. To leave command mode, "<WR>" is sent. Wiznet refers to this command as reboot which somewhat of a misnomer. It is very important to issue the "<WR>" command; otherwise the adapter will just lock out any further communication. All of the operating parameters can be configured via the serial interface as outlined in the datasheet. There is also a hardware configuration mode that is entered by asserting a low on pin /HW_TRIGGER. This mode may reduce the latency experienced with the serial configuration, but I haven't tried it.


Serving web pages seems a bit sluggish.  On the other hand, UDP is quite responsive as is to be expected. This adapter is not cost effective because it is priced at about $30 shipped from Mouser. However, if you need a second ethernet channel (or primary support for the Mini), it will work quite well given its limitations.



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