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Android Device as a Serial Terminal

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Posted 16 June 2012 - 08:42 PM

There is an app on Google Play (Market) called Slick 2 USB that turns an Android device running Android greater than 3.1 into a serial terminal using FTDI and Prolific USB to serial adaptors. I am now on my second 7" tablet (to be returned) trying to achieve this feat. The first was a $99 special from Walmart (Visual Land Connect, rebranded Chinese). The second was a Lenovo A1 ($150 from Costco). The reasons for return: the first had ICS (4.0.3) and USB host, but no Google Play (Market). I installed Google Play and registered. The registration called it an unknown device. I could install a few worthless free apps, but not Slick 2 USB. Each time I tried to install I would get the message: Incompatible device. Apparently, whoever produced the tablet didn't bother to buy a license for the Google Play App. The Lenovo (approved device) has the Play app installed and is imminently going to provide an upgrade to ICs, but USB host is not implemented in hardware (as I discovered after purchase). As near as I can tell, the Requirements to do this are: 1. Must run ICS or higher than 3.1 2. USB Host must be enabled 3. The Google Play APP must be installed (not certain it needs to be an approved device) I just came across this $70 tablet on slickdeals (satisfies all three, but doesn't show up on the approved device list) Slickdeals comments (not very germane to serial interfacing, but offers some comments on the seller), It's hard to resist the $70 tablet, but I am reluctant to go through the buy/return hassle again (and with this vendor, the purchase price is probably a loss e.g. no easy return). As near as I can tell, Slick 2 USB is the only credible serial Android app and it is only available on Google Play (Market). This is my first foray into the Android world. I have an iPad so I am really only interested in an Android tablet for this serial app and I don’t want to spend a lot of money to get this working. Any suggestions or tips would be gratefully appreciated Baxter

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Posted 22 June 2012 - 08:52 PM

If you don't mind buying a TTL bluetooth adaptor aswell then there is always the blueterm app for android. I find it works near perfectly, its handling of how it recieves writeLines is a little odd, it doesn't reset to the very left most column, it literally moves the cursor down 1 space but it works otherwise. I believe its downloadable as a .apk somewhere aswell for those devices without the play store. Its a very different solution to what you were looking for but its a solution no less.

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