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Reading 1-Wire devices with the HA7S interface SIP

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#1 Llaves


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Posted 25 February 2012 - 05:35 PM

The HA7S is a 6-pin SIP made and sold by Embedded Data Systems. It costs about $20 and provides an ASCII command set to interface to a string of 1-wire devices. (Usual disclaimer - I have nothing to do with EDS other than being a satisfied customer. Their customer service is outstanding.) The attached zip file contains a small class I've written that interfaces to the HA7S and provides a number of functions needed to read 1-wire devices, particularly DS18B20, DS18S20, and DS1822 temperature sensors. I've included a couple of other convenience classes I used to write a temperature logger. The delay time for temperature conversion was set empirically - I originally set it to 1 second, but one of the sensors I was trying to read was failing with that interval, so I boosted it to 1.25 seconds to make it work. Obviously your experience may differ.

A couple of things to pay attention to if you want to extend the library.
1. Most of the commands end with a <CR>, but a few, like the search commands, don't.
2. You never send binary data - everything is ASCII. If you want to send the byte representing 10, you send the two ASCII characters "A" and "0" (zero). Commands that require a length byte use this character coding.
3. The Write command is actually a write/read command. It uses the same method as the underlying 1-wire protocol. If your command will return 4 bytes, you append "FFFFFFFF" to the command. After you issue the write command to the HA7S, the device will echo back the command. The data being read will be AND-ed with FFFFFFFFFF, so that's where to look for your response.

Although I've written tons of code over the years, this is my first C# code, so any comments on style and techniques are welcome.

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#2 Gorf


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Posted 08 March 2012 - 09:06 AM

Thank you for posting this code. My application is very different in terms of linked hardware, but as I'm new to C#, it's nice to see how the code fits together.

#3 Fred007



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Posted 25 April 2014 - 02:01 PM

Can you supply the pinouts you used for the HA7S? Assuming pin 3 to the Netduino digital pin 1 and pin 4 to Netduino digital pin 0, just want to make sure I have that correct. Thanks.

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