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Netduino 1 Firmware v4.1.1 BETA 1

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#41 ajcg1973


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Posted 14 January 2012 - 06:20 AM

Hi ajcg1973,

It should be on CodePlex. Go to the Source page...then select the v4.1.1.x branch.


Excellent, thanks Chris.

#42 Dr Who

Dr Who

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Posted 12 May 2014 - 01:26 AM

Version: 4.1.1 BETA 1 (version b1)

A BIG THANK YOU to the following community members:

  • [*]KodeDaemon (David Stetz) who contributed SD card enhancements to support 4GB SDHC cards (8GB+ cards may work...but not tested).
    [*]CW2 who contributed his I2C "repeated start bit" enhancements.
    [/list]WARNING: This firmware is pre-release firmware. It may temporarily cause your Netduino to cease functioning properly. If this firmware does not work for you, you will likely need to erase your Netduino completely and re-flash the production v4.1.0.6 bootloader using Atmel SAM-BA tools (on a 32-bit Windows installation) and the production v4.1.0.6 firmware using MFDeploy.

    With that warning out of the way, we've added the first two new features to the Netduino: SD/FAT16/FAT32 support and variable bit SPI. We have also added support for "repeated start bit" I2C and some debugger enhancements.

    If you're an early adopter and would like to help us test and refine these new features, this beta release may be for you.

    This firmware includes the following updates:
    1. Early support for some 4GB+ MicroSD cards (courtesy of community member KodeDaemon)
    2. Early UsbClient support (requires deploy/debug via serial)
    3. Support for any SD "chip select" pin and "card detect" pin
    4. Card detect feature enables RemovableMedia.Insert and RemovableMedia.Eject events.
    5. Pushbutton (SW1) now returns true when pushed, false when not pushed

    This firmware also includes the following previous updates:
    1. I2C internal address ("repeated start bit") support
    2. Bugfixes: SerialPort.DataReceived event should now fire properly
    3. Bugfixes: SerialPort.Read() timeout now implemented properly
    4. Bugfix: SD card support no longer interferes with digital pin 2
    5. Variable-bit SPI (9 to 15 bit) capabilities (courtesy of community member CW2)
    6. Enhanced Parallels, VMWare, and VirtualBox compatibility
    7. RS232 and TTL UART deployment now selectable via software tool
    8. Exception thrown when mounting incompatible/non-existent SD card
    9. Reduced memory usage for SD card access
    10. Faster mounting and communication with SD cards
    11. Garbage collection 'status messages' updated
    12. SD card support using SPI
    13. Visual Studio debugger should connect to Netduino easier during deployment (on non-virtual machines)
    14. SPI bugfixes

    You may update to this pre-release firmware using the MFDeploy tool:
    1. Download and unzip the attached file to a directory on your computer.
    2. Go to the Start Menu > Programs > Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1 > Tools
    3. Run MFDeploy.exe. Be careful to run MFDeploy.exe and not MFDeploy.exe.config (as file extensions are hidden by default)
    4. Plug your Netduino into your PC using a Micro USB cable. If your Netduino does not connect successfully, try plugging the USB cable into your Netduino first...and then your PC.
    5. In the Device section at top, select USB instead of Serial. Your Netduino should appear in the drop-down; if not, select it.
    6. Click "Browse..." and select the unzipped files from step #1 (ER_CONFIG and ER_FLASH).
    7. Press "Deploy". It will take a few minutes to update your Netduino.





Chris is this the same beta firmware originally conceived of to facilitate using the NetDuino as a sensor platform for Windows 8? I'm thinking it would be a splendid confirmation for the ideas of combining the Galileo platform running Windows 8 Embedded and the NetDuino as the sensor support rig. (Probably because it seemed to work for the Windows 8 RT on those annoying tablets Microsoft promotes.)


Oh and would I need to change anything on the host for building anything to throw at this temporary downgrade of the NetDuino downgrade?

Doctor Who
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#43 Dr Who

Dr Who

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Posted 01 August 2014 - 02:41 AM

Chris, someone, and anyone, has anything come out of this? I still haven't had a chance to work out how to rig a something to make the idea work.

Doctor Who
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