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Writing Temperature Sensor Readings to a file

Visual Studio NetDuino Plus 2 Temperature Sensor File Writing

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Posted 13 May 2014 - 10:15 AM

I am extracting temperature reading from temperature sensor DS18B20 built application. I am obtaining values from temperature sensor build on NetDuino plus2. Whenever temperature of room changes, temperature server notify the client. I want to write the observed values from temperature sensor to a file (preferably to excel file) so that i can plot my simulation results. The debug command in the code below print temperature values whenever they are updated. Can anyone help me with code to write the values to an excel spreadsheet or another file.
void OnCoAPRequestReceived(CoAPRequest coapReq)
            if (coapReq.MessageType.Value == CoAPMessageType.CON)
                //Extract the temperature..but first, check if the notification is fresh
                //The server sends a 4-digit sequence number
                int newObsSeq = AbstractByteUtils.ToUInt16(coapReq.Options.GetOption(CoAPHeaderOption.OBSERVE).Value);
                if ((lastObsSeq < newObsSeq && ((newObsSeq - lastObsSeq) < (System.Math.Pow(2, 23)))) ||
                    (lastObsSeq > newObsSeq && ((lastObsSeq - newObsSeq) > (System.Math.Pow(2, 23)))) ||
                    DateTime.Now > lastObsRx.AddSeconds(128))
                    //The value received from server is the new temperature
                    //We got the will be in payload in JSON
                    string payload = AbstractByteUtils.ByteToStringUTF8(coapReq.Payload.Value);
                    Hashtable keyVal = JSONResult.FromJSON(payload);
                     //int temp = Convert.ToInt32(keyVal["temp"].ToString());
                     //float temp = 10.1f;
                     float temp = (float)Double.Parse(keyVal["temp"].ToString());
                    Debug.Print("Temperature of Room is " + temp);

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