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#52034 Netduino Plus 2 OneWire DS18B20 on 4.2

Posted by rbagley66 on 07 August 2013 - 11:58 PM in Netduino Plus 2 (and Netduino Plus 1)

I am also getting the same error in the same location. TouchReset??  I do have a  reference to Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.OneWire in my project. Any help would be great.


I am running VS2012 with 4.3.  Below is the code I am using. Just trying to get to work.


public static void Main()


// DS18B20, NETMF 4.2

// center pin is connected to digital pin 0, right pin is connected to 5V,

// left pin GND, 4k7 pull-up resistor between 5V and the center pin

OneWire oneWire = new OneWire(new OutputPort(Pins.GPIO_PIN_D0, false));

ushort temperature;

while (true)


if (oneWire.TouchReset() > 0)


oneWire.WriteByte(0xCC); // Skip ROM, we only have one device

oneWire.WriteByte(0x44); // Start temperature conversion

while (oneWire.ReadByte() == 0) ; // wait while busy


oneWire.WriteByte(0xCC); // Skip ROM

oneWire.WriteByte(0xBE); // Read Scratchpad

temperature = (byte)oneWire.ReadByte(); // LSB

temperature |= (ushort)(oneWire.ReadByte() << 8); // MSB

//Temperatu in C, If you will in F would be: ((1.80 * (temperature / 16.0)) + 32);

Debug.Print("Temperature: " + temperature / 16.0 + "C");




Debug.Print("No device detected");






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