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#16117 Where to start?

Posted by Ultra_Newb on 31 July 2011 - 08:37 PM in Netduino Plus 2 (and Netduino Plus 1)

Ok, to be honest: I'm not completely sure it's Javascript I'm coding in. (Code sample can be provided). Thanks for the great amount of response! Glen: I will check out the book as soon as I get enough free time (this day is coming to an end). Thanks for your reply. I've actually got several ideas in hand for a project. I bought an ethernet shield for my Arduino Uno (actually not Uno but the old one called Duemilianove or something) (since my understanding of the Netduino Plus is rather limited.). So I'm actually well underway. Wanna know what my main project goal is? Ok: Like a half year ago, I saw a video on youtube about 2 engineers that was tired of showeling snow. So they sat down and built a remote controlled snow plow. ( ). First of all, they had access to professional equipment to make this, and probably welding equipment. I got neither, but this isn't gonna stop me. Though, I want to take it to the next level: -No wheels, but homemade tracks. (Already got an idea for how to do this). -GPS unit: To determine speed and location. -2 compass modules: One for the vehicle itself, and one for the camera, so if I turn it around, I will know what direction it's pointing as to what direction the vehicle is pointing. Good for low visibility. -Either a network camera, or a webcamera through a small laptop I got. -Voltage sensors: Always good to know if you're about to run out of power. -Temperature sensors: You don't want the batteries freezing, do you? -Onboard lights: To drive at night and yellow blinking lights to make sure people knows it's coming. -Proximity sensors: Make sure I don't hit anything. And have it all run through an internal network, over TCP/IP. Oh, and hopefully once I get more familiar with C#, I can manage to produce some sort of interface. Nevyn: Hi. And thanks alot for your reply! People are very helpful here. I'll look into the sites you listed tomorrow. Thanks a ton! Chris Walker: Hi. And thanks alot for your reply! God I feel dumb now. I'm pretty sure I've been programming in the Arduino variant of processing, as when I downloaded (you guessed it) "processing", it turned out to be the same deal. I guess I got a long way to go to be able to use the Netduino Plus.

#16103 Where to start?

Posted by Ultra_Newb on 31 July 2011 - 05:31 PM in Netduino Plus 2 (and Netduino Plus 1)

I've been using Arduino for a while, and before I started using it, I basically had no programming skills. My only programming skills came from writing scripts in .lua for GTA:San Andreas. So now I've been programming in Javascript (for you haters, I'm aware that this is NOT java. Stop whining about it.) on my Arduino. Thing is, I probably would've given up if it wasn't for the countless examples that came with the Arduino software. Now to the point: I bought a Netduino plus. I did a very stupid thing by doing so, thinking the "duino" part of its name, ment it would just be a Ethernet verision of Arduino Uno as they looked very similar. This thing was flying out of the sparkfun store, and I got one of the last ones before it ran out of stock in the beginning of the year. So I got it in the mail, and I checked out the manual. To my horror, it demanded Visual Studio, and the only support I got was "Here, let's show you how to get a light to blink". Well, the lightpart worked out great at least, so that's something. Now I got Visual Studio. Though, I barely even open the program, I'd rather program for the Arduino with something I understand and where I can read examples if I'm clueless. They even got a searchdatabase for the programming expressions. So where do I start with Netduino Plus? I don't want this to just be sitting on my shelf. And I'd really like to learn the language it's programmed in. Suggestions?

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