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#41226 Netduino plus 2 against netduino plus

Posted by a4tje on 08 December 2012 - 12:21 PM in Netduino Plus 2 (and Netduino Plus 1)

Thanks for your quick response, Chris. I understand the hardware is different from the Netduno plus, so the dll also is. I am wondering what more differences are there between the two. For example I just replace the dll's for the right ones for Netduino plus 2. Now I get stuck on the follwoing command: AnalogInput A0 = new AnalogInput(Pins.GPIO_PIN_A0); i get an error message saying: Error 1 The best overloaded method match for Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.AnalogInput.AnalogInput(Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Cpu.AnalogChannel)' has some invalid arguments Error 2 Argument 1: cannot convert from 'Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Cpu.Pin' to Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Cpu.AnalogChannel' So i am looking for a manual especially of the netduino plus 2 so i can find out what i have to change in the software. To make thingsclear: i am trying to get it working as a webserver for Thingspeak

#41139 Netduino plus 2 against netduino plus

Posted by a4tje on 07 December 2012 - 12:13 PM in Netduino Plus 2 (and Netduino Plus 1)

Hi You All, Because of the exitement on this forum about Netduno i also buy a netduino, a Netduino Plus 2 in fact. But it seams the programs of netduino plus don't work on the plus 2? Because everytime i get this errormessages of hardware not found. I tried the blinky led project and that all works, but this doesn't Error 1 Device not found or cannot be opened - USB:NetduinoPlus I wonder what goes wrong...

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